2-x Top Fuel Champion Steve Torrence.

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Feb 14, 2011
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Steve has had a couple of surprises in the works this year. Here is a link to a video from NHRA of him giving his dad a birthday present that brought tears to a few eyes. Then another video of him giving all of his guys championship rings.
These next three videos shows just how much heart and never give up attitude their team really has. They were leading the championship with only 2 races left on the schedule in 2017 looking unstoppable when a blown tire in the second round at Dallas caused a major crash. They had to pull the back up car out of the trailer and get it ready in about an hour for the semi final round.

They made it to the semi final but blew the engine up. Here, Steve and Bobby talk about the crash and the car.

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Here is the hard journey Steve has had in his life. It is a really touching story.
What a lot of people doesn't know is that Torrence Racing helps a lot of the other teams out whether it is supplying parts or using their shop or in my case Bobby always gets me a nice room at the hotel he stays at in Brownsburg for a lot less then if I booked it. :) Even though Steve lives in Texas their shop is in Brownsburg In and Bobby stays there to make sure that everything is ready to go. Plus Bobby and his younger brother Dom lease a shop right around the corner from Torrence Racing that they keep their own top fuel car in for Dom to drive, and teach and license other drivers.
Plus they help Scott Palmer out a lot also.

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