2003 AMA Power Ratings



ah, 2003 season is upon us and with no #1 plate in the superbike field...there is opportunity in the air. After a few moves and new rules alowing bigger cc engines, this should be a season to the wire. Here is how it shakes down:

1. Eric Bostrom - the smoothest rider in AMA came so close last year on a dinosaur of a chassis, now has up to date equipment, has to be the favorite going in. Probally last year in the AMA for Eric, I can see him in GP in 04.

2. Ben Bostrom - former champion, knows how to win and will win, should fit the RC51 like a glove, but is going to have to overcome his younger on fire brother.

3. Mat Maldin - hard year in 02 for the 3 time champ, now with a gxr 1000 to ride on, this could be another champoinship year

4. Anthony Gobert - injuries last year after a steller start put a damper on things, now back on the Ducati after three years with yahama, the 998 should fit him felt like a pair of comfortable jeans he hadn't worn in a while, If any one can get Ducati back on top, its the go show!

5. Aaron Yates - my pick for the supersport title but has not yet proved that he can win races in superbike, 7 top 3's last year and no wins, going to have to win to contend for a title.

6. Migeul DuHamel - never count out the all time win leader in AMA, sue he is a older, but still fast, just not sure if it will be fast enough, still think he will win a race or 2.

7. Doug Chandler - took him most of the year to figure out the hmc ducati, but he put it good positions at the end, whould have put him higher but with the new rules in all, should have good finishes, slim chances for a title though.

8. Kurtis Roberts - Hard to tell with Kurtis, has won races before, but still inconsistant, I dodn't exepect him to do much this season on his lighter funded rc51.

9. Ben Spies - this guy might be the next texas tornado, tons of talent, 2 years in the AMA and already getting a factory ride with suzuki, it will take time though.

No factory Yamaha riders yet, will update if so, I say top 5 have a shot at the title, the bigger the number the more they will have to show

I will be chering those Ducatis on like always :D :bounce:
Bring it on you highly advanced4 bangers nothin a little italian class can't handle :dual9mm:
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