2003 AMA Rule Changes



AMA Pro Racing announces proposed rules changes to 2003 AMA U.S. Superbike Championship To better reflect motorcycle market changes and create a more level playing field, AMA Pro Racing today announced several rule-change proposals for the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship and the highly competitive AMA Pro Honda Oils U.S. Supersport Championship beginning with the 2003 competition season.

Starting in 2003, the AMA Superbike Championship will be open to competitors using 1000cc multi-cylinder machines with specific restrictions on weight and engine modifications. Given these restrictions, it is expected that current 750cc four-cylinder and 1000cc twin-cylinder machines will remain competitive in the series.

Additionally, the new 1000cc multi-cylinder machines also will be eligible to compete in the AMA Lockhart Phillips Formula Xtreme class, adding incentive for teams to compete in both classes.

The AMA Pro Honda Oils U.S. Supersport Championship also will see a significant rule change. Starting next year, 750cc twin-cylinder machines will be eligible for the championship.

As part of these rules changes, no existing racing motorcycles will be made obsolete in 2003.

"The primary reason for these rules modifications is to help create an environment that allows more teams and riders to participate and be competitive in our premier road-racing championship, AMA Superbike," said Scott Hollingsworth, AMA Pro Racing's CEO. "We've always believed that AMA Superbike racing should more closely reflect what is selling in the high-performance motorcycle marketplace and these changes should address that."

These proposed rules changes are based on input gathered over the last year and a half from the AMA Pro Racing Road Race Advisory Board, riders, teams, manufacturers, promoters, fans and media. A more detailed explanation of the proposed rules changes can be viewed at www.amaproracing.com.

In addition to the AMA Superbike and AMA Supersport rules changes, two classes will be moving away from the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship. AMA Pro Racing is in negotiations with WERA Motorcycle Roadracing to take on the Buell Pro Thunder class in 2003, and the MBNA 250 Grand Prix class in 2004. Current Buell Pro Thunder competitors, however, will continue to be able to enter their machines in the AMA Genuine Suzuki Accessories Superstock Series.

I personally like these changes, I think it will even out those hondas and plus help with the fan base from the superbike riders, but it scares me a little that my twins bikes might get ran over:eek:
I think that this will be great for the sport !

With all the top dog 1000cc bikes now adays it will be great to get them into the racing mix!

The GSXR 1000 is an awesome bike right along with the R1 and RC 51 !!!

I'm looking forward to the rules change !!!
I agree that it will be great for the sport, those 1000cc four bangers are king of the road and need to be raced:)

Lots of different bikes next year, the GSXR 1000 is such a tough bike, I thnk thats the bike to beat next year, then Gobert will get his hands on the fuel inected R1, I wouldn't know if Honda will have a 954 rider or stick with the RC51, kawasaki going to use there 9? then the Ducati will probally get shuffled to the back again. Think all the privateers are going to switch to 1000's to?
I'm definately need to go to a superbike race next year!

I'm riding an F4 but I still love the 4 banger 1000 cc bikes !!

I just don't like paying the insurance money to keep them!
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