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The iRacing Guru
Sep 29, 2009

It's time to get HYPED!


You know, last year we not only saw a close points battle between iRacing.com's best driver. But we actually saw a Chevy, Ford and Toyota battle for the points championship. I hope we see the same thing again this year. :D
Oh wow, that was an AMAZING last 10 laps! The battle was INTENSE!!! I just wish Tyler Laughlin was smarter in the last 5 laps or so, he could have won it if he just picked a lane and stuck with it.
So the race last night was pretty good! I wish we could have seen a battle to the finish between Humpre and Conti, but it was not meant to be. One thing I've noticed is that the leader actually didn't pull away, all throughout the race there was a battle for first, which is awesome.

Of course, I got sick of the Las Vegas gambling puns about halfway through the race.
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