2017 NHRA


2022 RFFL Champion
Feb 8, 2017
Well the left lane produced another explosion in New England today. This year it was
Courtney Force. She was racing against the guy that exploded last year. Really bizarre.
Thank goodness Courtney is ok. Nitro Dude having a rough quali again with his team.
Top fuel Harley - new class . Vtwin 1000hp and a parachute. Goodness.
Stay after it. I am pulling for y'all ! Always tough competition in FC .
Looking forward to Bristol. Good luck! 3's are just around the corner.
Friday nite flames quali at Bristol now on FS1.
Go Nitro Dude team!
Nitro - Way to make it to Round 2 on Sunday in Chicago! I got the run on my DVR
where I will keep it for a while. Caught Height napping.

Had you met Terry Chandler over the years? She sounded like
one heck of a lady.
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