2019 –Michigan Firekeepers Casino 400-- Pre-Race Thread

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Johali, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Remember the Gator

    Not much to see there. McIlroy has 5 birdies in the first 7 holes to jump to a 3 stroke lead over Kuchar.
  2. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    Bubba playing catch with a football to the fans in the stands. Awesome.
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  3. DIDIT

    DIDIT Old School Fan

    Starting to get optimistic about a Monday race. Rain keeps building.
  4. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Jim Kelly?

    That's a hell of a teacher.
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  5. AndyMarquisLive

    AndyMarquisLive Short Track Fanatic

    Fox playing the NFL theme for races again?
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  6. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    Bubba & Lajoie tossing a football to the fans in the stands
  7. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    No bueno. FOX stalling the inevitable.

  8. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Welp, I guess I might call out tomorrow.

    Don't tell my boss.
  9. ReturnTrip

    ReturnTrip Team Owner

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  10. DIDIT

    DIDIT Old School Fan

    It is tomorrow at 5!
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  11. Clutch

    Clutch Team Owner

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  12. AndyMarquisLive

    AndyMarquisLive Short Track Fanatic

    Monday Night Racing :D
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  13. machinistman3

    machinistman3 Team Owner

    Aww they didn’t get to race to halfway.
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  14. Preempted for women's World Cup tomorrow. Hopefully it dries out.
  15. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    Isn’t 5 kind of late to start tho?
  16. FS1 has World Cup action. Rain is still expected, too.
  17. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    Women’s world cup takes precedent
  18. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    Have to finish the soccer games.

    Will still have about 4 hours of good daylight.
    I do feel sorry for the crew families that had planned on starting their vacations on Monday. :(
  19. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    Do all the Fox Channels have them? Like none of those are open?
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  20. Mr Excitement

    Mr Excitement Team Owner

    I picked a perfect day to play 18 even though I hacked it up big time.
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  21. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Remember the Gator

    I think there are eight matches a day so pretty much all of the Fox networks.
  22. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    I checked and all I saw was FS1 having them. I’ll have to check again but yeah. Idk oh well.
  23. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    Lmao what a jackass
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  24. BobbyFord

    BobbyFord Resident Gearhead Contributor

    Twitter will rot your brain.
  25. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

  26. Mispeedway15

    Mispeedway15 Team Owner

    Brutal considering today has been the only rainy one in awhile. Shame but I’ll probably go to Kentucky here in a month
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  27. AuzGrams

    AuzGrams Team Owner

    Sucks for fans in attendance but a 5 pm start is great for TV
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  28. Mispeedway15

    Mispeedway15 Team Owner

    Regardless it’s the safe move! Supposed to be on and off rain until this afternoon
  29. DIDIT

    DIDIT Old School Fan

    Not all fans. This has worked perfectly for me to attend. Should get a prime parking spot, plenty of room to roam around in the stands and hopefully score a cheap ticket.
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  30. Madman88

    Madman88 Crew Chief

    Does Michigan have lights?
  31. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    No sir, but the sun does not set until about 9:00-9:30.
  32. harkin

    harkin SoCal Race Fan

    Why can’t they just race earlier and put it on FS2?

    Unless my DISH guide is screwed up they’re showing cliff diving and years-old fighting crap.
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  33. AuzGrams

    AuzGrams Team Owner

    I agree. I don't see what the problem is having it on FS2 (and a replay on FS1 in the evening) and having a free courtesy stream on NASCAR.com and/or Fox Sports app for those not able to get FS2.
  34. FLRacingFan

    FLRacingFan Team Owner

    FOX probably doesn't want any of their live event programming to overlap. And also saw an opportunity to get a better audience for a Monday postponement race.

    If they really wanted to they could've put the race on FOX Business (which had literally zero of the Top 150 cable programs last Monday) like they have with Truck before. But that doesn't get a 5 PM on FS1 audience.
  35. Michfan

    Michfan Team Owner

    This is really good for people who have jobs. I've already taken one NASCAR sick day.
  36. Snappy D

    Snappy D 2017 Pick Em Champion 2018 Bold Predictor

    I am actually pretty excited for today's race. Rushing through work so I can get done, I work for myself so leaving early isnt an issue. I am going to head to the store on the way home to pick up steak kabobs and chicken breasts and have a little late afternoon/early evening cook out while the race is going on. Nice way to end a Monday than I usually do. I think the time has come for NASCAR to have week day races, they really need to jump on the day after the MLB all star game. I think it would be a huge success.
  37. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Remember the Gator

    I was a bit surprised to hear a radio report the other day. The Tuesday and Wednesday before March Madness is popular for voluntary surgeries requiring multi-day recoveries.
  38. DaBiff1618

    DaBiff1618 Team Owner

    NASCAR race and nba finals game 5 tonight, possibly watching the warriors get put down. Great sports Monday :booya:
  39. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    I got up to go to work and found that I am really sick :( from the pizza we got for the race yesterday :bleh:
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  40. toledo47

    toledo47 Team Owner

    Let me know how that went for you! I considered going up there today, it’s only about a 3 hour ride for me, but I’m pretty broke this week so I decided not to. I’ve heard sometimes they don’t even check tickets and just leave the gates open on Monday races. Definitely heard that was happening with the race at MIS a few years ago on a Tuesday

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