2019 MotoGP season

Haven't seen Moto2 or Moto3 yet, but MotoGP was a crackling good battle at the front... Dovi by a nose over Marquez, margin of victory 0.02 seconds, and the top five covered by 0.6 seconds. On the last lap... five changes of the lead!

The Doctor qualified somewhere in middle Siberia (14th), but raced to fifth, ahead of his pole winning teammate Vinales.

Thankfully, the dew point concerns did not materialize on Sunday.
At Mugello today, the MotoGP Grand Prix of Italy was the race of the year, and one of the greatest races I've ever been privileged to watch. Factory Ducati rider Danilo Petrucci, racing in his hometown and at Ducati"s home track, took an emotional... and convincing... maiden win. He's been achingly close several times over the years, but this win was one for the ages. I suspect this result will assure Petrucci a second year on the factory Ducati team. A very popular win among the 84,000 screaming Italian fans.

The race was a 23 lap barroom brawl at the front from the green flag to the checkers. At halfway, the leading group was still 10 riders... covered by barely over 1 second. Several fell back from the torrid pace, but still 4 riders under a blanket to the end. Petrucci led much of the race, but 4 or 5 others forced their way to the front numerous times. And all this racing glory was achieved the old fashioned way... too much power, not enough tire, crazy late braking, and hard hard acceleration off the apex.
I'm not attending this weekend but the home GP is always great.
Nice to have Stefan Bradl in the field, I hope this will get some additional fans to attend tomorrow.
Marquez has the chance to get his 10th consecutive win at this track.

The first ever MotoE race (7 laps) will surely be interesting as well , especially with rain in the forecast.
Marc is going for a perfect ten. I think he can do it.

His biggest opposition hasn't really looked like... his biggest opposition.
91,131 people attended the races yesterday and 201,162 spectators came over the weekend, up from 193,355 last year. Very good stats given that grandstand tickets were €166.
Even more good news as the race has been secured through at least 2021:partytime.
Marquez has been on a completely different level.

Quartararo is the only one that I would say might be his match. Put him on a factory bike and see what he can do.
26 years, 8 world championships. Marquez is unbelievable.
Quatararo is closing in on his first win, he and Marquez had a great battle for the win today.
Yes, Marquez is incredible. At his young age, and 6 championships in the premier series,,, he is clearly the best of his era (and that is the maximum I'll ever say about *any* racer). He is the ultimate risk taker in the era of high intervention electronic rider aids, which is the only era he has ever known. We'll never know exactly how he'd fare in the pre-electronic era. Certainly he would still have great skill, but he'd need a whole new style of riding, and a whole new strategy toward risk management. But those days are not coming back, I'm pretty sure.

Quatararo is an exciting talent... a big future for him.
I see a very nice, budding future of Quartararo and Marquez sparring for world titles.
Marquez is no longer playing the role of fresh-faced rookie, which is crazy because it seems like it was just yesterday he was taking the premier class by storm. Nope, it's Quartararo who fills that role now.

Spare a thought for poor Vinales. He was supposed to be Marquez's next archrival. He's been mostly MIA along with Rossi.
Alex Marquez is looking poised to be the second of the two brothers to win it all in Moto2.
We know Johann Zarco for his backflips, but not that way

That could have been really bad, but Zarco was luckily not injured.

For a short time, it looked like Quatararo would have a shot at the win after winning his 6th pole yesterday, but Marquez defeated him once again.
Lorenzo at least managed to get a points finish in his final race.
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