2019 R-F Race Ratings

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    Once again, I'll be keeping track of the average ratings we give the races in the "Rate the Race" threads here. I'll be doing this with the same guidelines as usual...

    - Races will be counted on a 1-10 scale. If your rating is less than 1, it'll be counted as a 1. If it's more than 10, it'll be counted as a 10.

    - Only race ratings will be counted, ratings for the broadcast or the winner will not. So, ratings like "A 10 because Harvick won" won't count.

    - You will have to have seen at least most of the race for the rating to count. Ratings like "I only saw the last 10 laps, but I give it a 9" won't go into the average.

    - Overly convoluted ratings won't count. For example, a rating like "I give Stage 1 a 7, Stage 2 a 4, and Stage 3 a 6 except for the last 10 laps, which were a 9" won't be counted.

    - Ratings will only be counted out two decimal places. So in other words, a 7.71459875257 will be a 7.71.

    - The highest and lowest ratings will be dropped. This helps counter the "always a 1" or "always a 10" voters. If a race gets three 10" ratings, two of them will count toward the average

    - I'm only tracking points paying races. Exhibition races like the All-Star Race or the Duels won't be part of this, although I will post the averages for those individual races.

    As mentioned above, I'm not including the Clash in the rankings, but it got a whopping 3.03 average rating based on our votes.

    Here's to hoping for a better year than that! :D
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    Thanks again for doing this bud. :beerbang:
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    My pleasure! :cheers:
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