2020 NASCAR Modified Thread

Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by kkfan91, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. kkfan91

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    Schedule was just released.

    Saturday, March 21 South Boston Speedway South Boston, Va.
    Sunday, April 5 Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Thompson, Conn.
    Sunday, April 26 Stafford Motor Speedway Stafford, Conn.
    Friday, May 8 Martinsville Speedway Martinsville, Va.
    Saturday, May 23 Jennerstown Speedway Jennerstown, Pa.
    Saturday, June 6 Seekonk Speedway Seekonk, Mass.
    Saturday, June 20 Riverhead Raceway Riverhead, N.Y.
    Saturday, July 11 Wall Stadium Speedway Wall, N.J.
    Saturday, July 18 New Hampshire Motor Speedway Loudon, N.H.
    Friday, July 31 Iowa Speedway Newton, Iowa
    Friday, Aug. 7 Stafford Motor Speedway Stafford, Conn.
    Wednesday, Aug. 19 Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Thompson. Conn.
    Saturday, Sept. 5 Oswego Speedway Oswego, N.Y.
    Saturday, Sept. 12 New Hampshire Motor Speedway Loudon, N.H.
    Saturday, Sept. 19 Riverhead Raceway Riverhead, N.Y.
    Sunday, Sept. 27 Stafford Motor Speedway Stafford, Conn.
    Sunday, Oct. 11 Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Thompson. Conn.

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  3. toledo47

    toledo47 Team Owner

    Overall I like the schedule! Its too bad Myrtle Beach is gone, and I don't think they should be all the way out in Iowa.... But its a nice schedule! Martinsville and Jennerstown are awesome additions!
    Not sure if it has been posted in another thread but before the Thompson finale it was announced that #16 Flamingo Motorsports team will be shutting down. So that currently leaves on of the top drives Timmy Solomito out of a ride, hopefully he can find something.
    #2 team owner is also retiring, though Doug Coby still has sponsors committed to him, so he is sure to be back.
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  4. AuzGrams

    AuzGrams Team Owner

    I thought I read the Musket 250 will only be 200 laps? I'm sorta disappointed with that.

    I know travel costs are high, but I would have liked to see a southern race at Myrtle Beach or Bowman Gray.
  5. toledo47

    toledo47 Team Owner

    Yep I heard that as well. Also, if you look on the NHMS.com event page for that weekend it mentions the ARCA east race will be after the modified race, but no mention of Pintys. Maybe just because Pintys didn’t announce their schedule yet or maybe they dropped that race. I don’t think NHMS was a very good fit for NHMS anyway...
  6. sky

    sky Zombie Zoom LLC

    Huge swing and miss going out to Iowa and abandoning the Carolinas... Big expense for the teams, likely to be the smallest field of the year due to costs. How many tour type asphalt modified cars are racing weekly in IOWA?? Martinsville is a cool re-addition. It's a shame there is no real touring mod series in NC or SC.
  7. toledo47

    toledo47 Team Owner

    It sucks, but the nascar southern modified tour was only getting about 12 cars per race during its final year. I wish they could have done something to try to save that series. Seemed like a shame to just kill it
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  8. sky

    sky Zombie Zoom LLC

    Yeah, the issue with the Southern Tour was it often conflicted with weekly racing at BGS. That is the only tour type class I know of that runs every week down here. We're talking 20+ teams every single Saturday.
  9. toledo47

    toledo47 Team Owner

    They specifically scheduled it to not conflict with Bowman Gray though. That’s why burt and Jason Meyers were able to run both full time on the tour and at bowman gray. They often both ran on the same weekend, but not the same day.
  10. SpeedPagan

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    The South is more Late Model country than Modified country like the Northeast is.

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