2021 Salhen's Six Hours of the Glen


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Sep 6, 2013
North Carolina
The Weathertech/Proton team has a toasted marshmallow now, unfortunately.

MacNeil slapped the wall and caused the bodywork to cave in.
And that toasted Porsche was one of my picks. At least I have 5 picks left in the race.
So I have that going for me.

Nice weather so far for the race .

They tore up a lot of gear yesterday at the MPC 4 hour.

I felt like I should be watching the 24 hr of Le Mans for some reason
then looked it up to see it will run in Aug.

Now back to the Tour De France.
Ricky Taylor four-wide on the front straight for the lead :oops: His ability to navigate traffic is amazing.
JDC-Miller has really been out of it today.

They usually start to come alive like the last two hours, but not this time around.

Just a miserable day for Cadillac, outside of the 01.
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