2022 12Hrs of Sebring

I have to give BMW credit for designing yet another model that looks like it could actually eat a prototype when behind one.
So glad Rocky is back in a prototype. Great use of traffic of Blomqvist.
Yeah, that was sweet. Looks like all the early nonsense has shaken out and they may race for a while.

Hey, if everyone on here has Peacock or other access, I'll stop the play-by-play.
Turn 17 claims #33 Willsey LMP3. Self-inflicted spin. #20 LMP2 takes another spin but tries it in a different corner this time.
#39 GTD stalled on the side; apparently incapable of moving very far. It must have started moving again since no yellow yet.

GTDP front battle separating. #62 Rigon falls to 4th behind #25 Farfus BMW
Not every day you see a wrap flapping in the wind and peeling off a hood, #14.
I've been working on the deck and watching on the tablet. Shame about the Ferrari!

Multi car wreck for first yellow at the 2:43 mark. Problem started in turn 1 with #1 BMW and another car. BMW has rear suspension damage and is headed for the garage.

#81 LMP2 with Montoyas had nowhere to go; JPM was driving and is okay. Young Sebastian Montoya was really impressive.
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Went just over a full “normal” 2:40 race length before the first yellow.

Wrong place at the wrong time for good cars, hate it for JPM and the Paul Miller BMW was one of the top two in GTD all day so far.
Everyone in all classes that hadn't pitted within ten minutes of the yellow takes advantage of the pit opportunity. Now wave-arounds are going by so they must be close to restarting.
#66 GTD smacked the wall in #17. Was originally driving on but the right side has come apart half a lap later. Car has stopped mid-track and cannot refire.

Caution #2 at the 3:29 mark.
#12 GTD Lexus is short a left rear wheel under caution. Came off after the pit stop. Body work may be keeping the brakes and hub off the pavement. Booth speculates lug nut was counterthreaded. Wheel was replaced but there's much smoke coming from the area; body damage dragging on tire?
Brutal mistake when you have a lead like that. Jeez…good thing he had such a lead, might still come out 2nd after the penalty.
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