2022-23 Fall/Winter Weather Thread


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Feb 16, 2009
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Air quality is like Beijing today, but 10 days from now mountains are supposed to have >20 inches of snow.
Expecting an overnight low of just north of freezing tonight.

Will help in acclimating for when the temps approach zero in January . . .

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I was telling someone at work the other day that I could never live in an area that doesn't have a proper Winter. I need snow, but I must say that what Buffalo is experiencing right now is just a bit too much.
Currently -4 degrees with a -22 degrees wind chill! I went outside earlier to clear my car windows. I had two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, a sweater and a Winter coat. It wasnt bad, but my face felt like it was frozen.

The one positive is that it's all uphill from here!
1/2 inch of ice on everything in Seattle right now. 7 inches of rain forecast over the next week.

Even parked cars sliding around…

This was an interesting day

Still raining. Weather people said we got about an inch today.
In the past 12 hours Santa Barbara got six inches of rain. 😳
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Crazy rain today but it finally stopped. There was damage all over the valley. Multiple intersections with no signal lights, sections of roadway in complete darkness. Canyon roads closed due to mudslides and large boulders. Sinkholes. Flooding.
I rolled on one call with toppled 70’+ eucalyptus tree that took out power and severed a water service line to a residential property. 😳
More rain expected this weekend.
Damit man!!, hang in there. I know from living out their for 6 years that is way to much rain too quick for your part of the world.

Here in Florida where I live, we can get a 4 to 5 inch rain and no big deal.
They just put us in a Winter storm watch here in Southern Missouri. I think we're only expecting around 5 inches, so that'd be more like a Winter weather advisory for Northern states, but we only average about 8 inches a year, so 5 is somewhat significant.
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I wonder if the North makes as big of a deal about snow as they do here. Currently snowing and I'm pretty sure that's all they've covered on the current newscast. Road conditions, the a story of people buying groceries and then another story 9f people buying sleds. I guess it's better than the unfortunate negative things that are usually shown.
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