2022 Firestone Grand Prix of Monterrey

Another great Indycar race made even better with those guys fighting for the championship. I didn't care who won as long as they earned it and Power certainly did.

Sad to have the season end. After the "high" from attending 3 days at the Portland race and then followed by today's excitement I'll be going through some low time.
Idk why they’re repaving this place. This surface challenges the drivers and opens up passing and strategic opportunities like no other. It’s the Darlington or Richmond of road courses. I’m not sure I’ve seen guys move out from the apex to create an outside line at some corners in dry weather before.

So glad for Will, this is the more impressive championship of his pair and probably the most satisfying. I’m a fan but even I wondered if his window was closed before this year. He drove as poised, as quick, and as consistent as ever this season.

Gotta give credit to Josef for driving through almost the whole field. He made some incredible passes into the Corkscrew. He gave it all he had for sure.

Not sure what got into Palou and the 10 car to drive off like that today. 30-second win with a yellow around halfway is stunning. I know they took a fresh engine yesterday but this doesn’t strike me as a power track.

Fantastic season, always sucks to have to wait another six months to kick off again.
I don’t get why IndyCar doesn’t condense their schedule so they don’t have NFL conflicting. End it Labor Day weekend. It is a decent product and good during spring and especially summer time.
I wondered about the repaving also. The track looks good and it's not going to endure hard winters. Maybe there's more to it then we know but I don't recall any complaints from the drivers. Guess it's best to do it before problems arise.
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