2022 Gallagher Grand Prix

Felix makes a better case to stay in the series each week. He’s made it pretty clear he doesn’t want to go to Formula E as well. Should be interesting with Dixon and Ericsson coming from the back tomorrow. Nice job by Lundgaard to make the Fast 6 here again.

Dinger should have done the triple. o_O
Larson put his hand up to drive the 2 car if Newgarden wasn’t cleared. Now that would’ve been interesting.
NBC missing a bunch of the midfield battles because they have tunnel vision on whichever Andretti American is in the lead.
So a podium will put Will Power in 1st place for the championship?
Hard to believe it’s been over three years since Rossi last won. What a massive drought that was. Would’ve been nice if Herta was there to battle with in the second half.

Breakout performance for Lundgaard, consistent season so far but this was big.
Andretti can’t even win right. This would be huge if they were in title contention. Not sure I can remember the last time a series race winner was dinged afterwards. Helio Texas 2013?

To meet minimum weight, the drink bottle and its contents were used as car ballast, which is not permitted and why the team is being fined and penalized.
In that heat I would have to think most drivers drink their whole bottle.

I'm glad they let the result stand though. That would have been a really lousy way to lose a good win.
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