2022 Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio

Hell of a run of unique pole sitters as Pato takes it at Mid-Ohio. A major points shake-up could be in store for tomorrow as the top three in the title race all failed to make it out of Q1. Three rookies also made it into the top 10 in Q2.

Andretti are just the dumbest team. Can you imagine this clown fiesta trying to manage an F1 team? Ferrari on steroids, without the speed.

Rossi to Andretti.

It's a stick-up.
Good for Scottie, he’s been quiet for a couple of months now. Great recovery drive from Power, this is arguably the most complete he’s ever been.

Pretty miserable day from Andretti. ****** up Herta’s strategy, and then just started barging into each other like idiots on track. The schtick is old, and Michael needs to get his team under control.

Gotta say I’m a little concerned about the Chevy powerplant too. Three mechanical failures today, and Pato had an electrical issue at Road America. They’ve been the quicker engine but I wonder if there’s a reliability risk associated with it.

If IMSA and NASCAR can be good as well I’ll be in racing nirvana for today.
I'm DVRing it because Mid O is usually a parade, but it sounds like I may have to sit down and watch the whole thing.
Another exciting Indycar race but sure could've done without the Andretti team shenanigans.
Just view it as entertainment, and Indycars version of drive to survive. Let the fook smashings begin!

Apparently, this thing has been brewing for a while, and now that Rossi has a new drive next year, he gave Grosjean a right plowing. Grosjean has gotten roughed up a few times this year because some drivers have had it with him. Rossi isn't the first. He just gets the attention because it was his teammate.

Andretti isn't challenging for any wins lately, but at least they are providing the entertainment.
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