2022 Honda Indy Toronto

Haha, "between teammates, sort of".

That was wild, and I don't think it's over yet with another restart coming.
Felix puts Rossi in the wall. Looks like Felix turns his wheel into the #27. Boot speculates it was an attempt to straighten the car out.
Felix got on the power too early or too hard, and the tail stepped out. He was correcting the oversteer and just ran out of room. It wasn't nefarious or anything. Just trying too hard.
Bit of a wild race outside of the last ~15 laps, guys getting into it up and down the field all day. Palou managed to ultimately turn 22nd into 6th, no such luck for Power this time.

I’m okay with the no-call on Felix, hard racing in a tight spot, not an overly ambitious move. RLL finally had a solid day with two cars in the top 8.

I’m sure a number of guys are looking out for Dixon now that he’s suddenly won again. If he doesn’t pull a Hamlin in the pits at Indy he likely has a sizable points lead. Not a spectacular season so far but he’s been consistent enough and usually heats up in the second half.
Just got done watching the race on Peacock replay.
I am starting to grow more fond of these temporary
road course races. Its like watching a rodeo and a race
all in one. Already looking forward to Nashville.
Good on Dixie!
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