2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

By leaving Hamilton out extra long, Mercedes must be gambling on rain or a safety car, but without that they are costing him a lot of time.
Amazing pace from Hamilton, but I think they're getting a little ahead of themselves thinking that level of advantage will last to the finish.
I guess I'm impressed that without a WDC to compete in, Mercedes let them race each other with no interference.
Max really just pulled a Danny Sullivan from P10 without any weird safety car shenanigans or anything. Outstanding.

It would’ve been even more interesting had Hamilton’s DRS worked in Q3 yesterday. I agree they’ll make some real noise after the summer break.

I’m not sure what else needs to be said about Ferrari. If this were any other sport they’d be under investigation for match fixing.

Sorry to the Hungaroring for ****talking it. Best dry race I’ve ever seen here. :D
Congrats again to Max and the Mercedes boys. Russell battled hard and should keep his head held high. He was fun to watch.

I've already given up on trying to figure Ferrari out. I don't think I've ever seen a racing team so completely committed to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They come out every race trying to play 40-dimensional chess when a simple game of Connect 4 would suffice. It's almost impressive.
To be fair, it didn't feel like the Ferraris had especially good race pace. There would have been no shame in losing to Verstappen and finishing 2-3 or 2-4 on a viable strategy. However, the Leclerc strategy was incomprehensible, and they screwed Sainz with slow pit stops. Heads should roll, but they'll just keep coming back for more. I guess every drama can benefit from some comic relief.
Toto Wolff said Ferrari put Charles on hard tires because they were out of Medium tires.
Ferrari ran medium-medium with both Leclerc and Sainz to start the race, so they had to run either softs or hards the final stint. They shortpitted Leclerc to put on hards while Sainz stayed out longer to switch to softs. However, Sainz still ran shorter stints on mediums than Hamilton did, who wound up charging through the field at the end with the freshest softs.

Not excited about races at the Hungaroring but Ferrari and Mercedes made it interesting for opposite reasons and I didn't expect Verstappen to win.
Haven't seen it yet but it sounds like the Keystone Cops were in the Ferrari pit.

I've given up all hope we will have a competitive championship. Max can go into cruise mode and still be home in time for corn flakes. Mercedes was so lost in the beginning they never had a chance, and Ferrari keeps throwing their chances away.

In one way it's disappointing from a competitive standpoint, but sadly it also detracts from how right Red Bull has gotten everything. People are all upset that Ferrari are making bad strategy but are missing it that Red Bull is doing a mega stellar job all the way around. We are seeing a level of greatness here that is overshadowed by how badly everyone else is doing.
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