2022 Mexico City Grand Prix

How is that driving blind? He is holding a toy steering wheel that is not connected to anything.
He can’t see the track unfolding on video behind him but he’s able to make steering and shifting inputs that match it reasonably well.

Use your imagination. 😇
Would be more impressive if he did it in the F1 videogame instead of using an imaginary steering wheel.
Surprised no soft stint for the Mercs. I guess it’s just hoping Max comes back to them now.
Pretty ambitious move by Ricciardo.

Merc are convinced the hards are the right choice still…alrighty. We’ll see.
Well this season started so promising but it turned out to be one of the most boring seasons in history
Disappointing considering how good Lewis looked the first stint.

Ricciardo got P7 after sending Yuki flying?
Next year will be better.

Max is simply unstoppable. The Merc is much better but still a long way off from the Red Bull. Great drive by Ricciardo. Ferrari didn't hardly even show up today.
That was a hell of a drive from him.

Guess he needs a penalty every week.
Gotta say I completely missed what happened after he got a 10-second penalty, I thought he was cooked after that and was focused on the last fifty or so laps of the Cup race.
Just finished watching, sure was a bit of a snoozer.
Could see Max going on a championship winning streak like Schumacher did.
I could see that happening, but I wouldn’t rule out Lewis getting an 8th or even 9th title either. Merc are working their way back and Lewis wants to sign an extension, all while Red Bull are set to be handicapped for the latter stages of their initial 2023 car development, in-season 2023 development, and early 2024 development.

Ferrari sadly seem to have been hit much harder by the post-summer break underfloor technical directive than Red Bull.
That's two races in a row Hamilton has gotten hung out to dry on the hard tires. I'll bet they run softs and mediums the rest of the year.
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