2022 Music City Grand Prix


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Feb 9, 2013
Weather looks like it could be tough this weekend. Hope it stays away and the fans come back for year two, without all of the on-track mess from the first half of last year’s race.

Interesting lineup, a number of quick drivers got screwed in Q1 group 1 with two red flags, including Herta finding a wall again. Dixon and Ericsson have work to do and Palou, Pato, Newgarden are all bunched together.

When's this thing supposed to start? I got women's golf on my TV and here it is 4:00.

CNBC and Peacock have Indycar coverage. No racing yet for some unknown reason; just talking with drivers. They say there was lightning an hour and a half ago. Can we move on?
I should probably watch this in case it finishes before Cup and Dale Jr. spoils it.
Oh wow!! Here it is!!

Who's this? Rossi? Oh yeah, big boy!! Try to run me over with your scooter in St. Pete!!?? I got your number hot shot!!

Uh-oh!! Colton in the pits! Just throw that thing away!! You don't need any nosepiece. Do ya??
I sure hope this is a big financial success because I don’t see a racing justification for staying here. It sounded pretty cool in theory but so far this racing is off the charts stupid compared to normal street races.

But hey, not my monkeys, not my circus.
Darn it! They stopped the broadcast of the race here because there was a shooting in Cincinnati and nine people were shot. The place where they were all shot is drug Haven. So no more race for me after I waited all day to see it. Take care guys.
This is better now. Hopefully like last year where the second half is clean.

McLaughlin looks unbeatable. Will take some time to catch Palou though.
Guys just be handing Dixon titles. Wtf is Graham doing out there? Wasn’t he just out of the car, interviewed and headed to Tootsie’s???
Seemed like an ambitious lunge by Kirkwood.
He’s been a disaster this year honestly. Should just focus on bringing cars home, Foyt don’t need crash bills every weekend and he already has a job elsewhere next season.
Finally getting good and redeemable, and then it's Jimmie caution time.
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