2022 Petit Le Mans

Gloves are off at the is last MX5 race of the year. Live now IMSAtv.
Only at Petit Le Mans weekend do these championships come down to last lap MX5
craziness . A penalty on a different car changed the championship points
in parc ferme. Just crazy !
Wow, looks like WTR is going to be on the backfoot again this year.

Ricky slid those tires pretty far.
Very fortunate to have saved that thing at all.

With Blomqvist securing pole for MSR, it’s a straight-up fight as to who finishes higher between the 10 and 60 and winning the championship tomorrow. It was possible for WTR to have a one-spot buffer if they were to earn more qualifying points today.

So far (2"15 in) the Ganassi cars seem to have the edge. Tight now Helio is setting the Shank car up for a pass, so while early, we could see the championship turn .... or they could crash each other.

I don't think anyone has been hanging it out except for Taylor trying to avoid being lapped. It's still a little early to get racy, but it's been fairly racy anyway.
That thing is demolished.

NBC didn't show Keating's crash. What happened?

Now I have to wait for the last hours because I don't have peacock. I may have to check out the xfinity race.

VS better give Hawksworth extra for that. That man was getting pushed off and keeps it on the track, holy crap.
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