2022 Singapore Grand Prix

Can’t put a foot wrong here.

I wonder which will have the higher % of cars still running at the finish between this race and Talladega later?
Charles is going to need to get close before the DRS area. It’s his only chance bar a Perez mistake
Great drive from Checo, great double points days for McLaren and Aston Martin.

What a long and eventful race.
Great race by Checko. The fact so many drivers ended up in the escape road or the walls shows what he was up against.

Verstappen had a great race going when he had to pit after a lockup. He still salvaged some points, so good day for Red Bull.

As of right now, Perez Could be facing two five second penalties for safety car infringements. I would hate to see a good win taken away over infractions that did not make a difference to the outcome.
Andrew Benson reported that Checo will keep his win, he was given a five second time penalty due to failing to stay the required distance behind the SC.

He was warned twice.
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