2023 F1 Monaco Weekend Thread

Alonso pits for slicks, that's bold right now

It was the right call because he could pit again and not lose a spot if they were wrong and had to pit for intermediates. A gamble that didn't pay off but it was a gamble that they'll need to beat Max
Lol Hamilton telling race control they need to stop before people are even on wets
Monoco living up to most predictions. At this point we just have view it for what it is.
So happy for Ocon and Gasly.

Brilliant weekend for Alpine, especially after leadership talking trash about them both. Hopefully, these results are the start of them being a bit more competitive.
Checo is now 36 or so points behind, and I believe this effectively ended his challenge. He's not going to be able to beat Max often enough to close that gap. Of course, that excludes bad luck, but outside of that I don't see much hope we will have a championship battle.

Chico just has to get over crashing out on Q1. It's ruined two races for him already this year. Of all the places you don't want to start last, Monoco was a really bad place to do it. Max just can't seem to do anything wrong, so if Checo can't pull his head out, sooon he will be fighting Alonso for second place.

This is bad from a competition point of view, but we are witnessing a level of greatness that rivals even last year. Most people remember the Mansell/Piquet teammate domination, Prost/Senna Mclaren teammate domination and the Schumacher domination as the glory days, and in the future we will look back on the last two years as the same thing. This is just the way it's almost always been, and even if today wasn't interesting we will remember it as another dominant run among all the others.

At least it didn't happen in America, where F1 is desperate to capture the market. We knew Monoco would be bad going in, and it was. Now we can get back to some real racetracks and maybe we can get some better battles.

Great to see Alpine get results so soon after the CEO was ragging on them.

Also great to see Mercedes running better, though they have not improved their finishing position any. At least they now have something to build upon. I'm sure the team treated this like an extended test, and 3, 4 with a brand new package that had never turned a wheel before Friday is probably more than they were expecting.
Not sure if Alonso could have won this race if it wasn't for that lousy stratagy call for another set of tires, but wow, didn't expect dumb mistakes like that.
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