2023 Gallagher Grand Prix

I never doubted my dude. Old mam still has it.

All these old drivers like Alonso, Hamilton and my man Scott still teaching the young blood they still got the speed over the years. Enjoyable race for once.
Linus brought home the best finish for the 60 this year in P12, and put the entry back square on the Leaders Circle bubble.

I’d usually be very skeptical of two rookies on the same team, but maybe a pair of -qvists wouldn’t be such a bad idea for MSR next year.
I love late race duels like this one with a long green run that includes the last pit cycle. The formula is almost perfect with a slightly faster car in 2nd attempting to catch the lead car.

It so much better than a late race justified caution reset, even when a late race pass for the win doesn't happen. It still has the prolonged enjoyment and suspense that displays the talents needed for both the speed and endurance.

This race also had some great storylines. It would have been great to have seen Rahal break a six year winless streak. I really respected his classy determination with not trying to buy (note) a ride in the 500 earlier this year after he failed to make the original 33 car field. But I also have just as much respect for Dixons performance to get the win, it was flawless and masterful.

*Note: I realize Rahal eventually still got to start the 2023 Indianapolis 500 as a replacement for the injured Stefan Wilson, but that was without any post qualifying ride buying shenanigans.
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