2023 Honda Indy Toronto

This is really feisty, good stuff.

I can't fathom how staying out will work for the front three, but we'll see.
Dixon back up to P9 after the strategy whiff. Has the benefit of running full rich at this point, wonder if he can get up to 6th or 7th.
Poorly phrased on my part. I meant why aren't more people watching this series, not this individual race. The guys deliver every stinkin' week.

That makes sense. I'm just one person, but my reasoning is that I'm simply more of an oval fan. I know ovals aren't Indy's thing, maybe due to the speeds? But for that reason, I'll watch only if I don't have anything else to do and only if the race isn't happening at the same time as the NASCAR race is.
Palou's wing situation looks like a reverse version of these.

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