2023 Music City Grand Prix

Scotty Mac on pole. Lundqvist has made a big impression, P11 both in dry practice yesterday and today in qualifying.

Haven’t really heard of any smashing and bashing so far, besides Dixon stuffing it in the wall in Q2 tonight. Knock on wood.
Lil Dave hasn’t caught a break yet this season. A rear wing failure right at the end of the bridge is scary, could’ve been much worse.
Why is Rossi in 2nd place? He almost ran me over with a scooter two years ago when I tried to get his autograph. That punk!!

I don't know if I ever told you guys or not- that at St Petersburg Rossi was talking to Graham Rahal in front of the Rahal tent. So, I'm standing there next to them with my program in my hand which Rahal had already signed. I held it out for Rossi to sign and he floored his engine and took off almost running over me. Rahal just looked at me like-what the heck?? He almost ran over you.

So I put a hex on Rossi. He hasnt won a race since.


That would’ve been the most Andretti thing imaginable if DeFrancesco caused a yellow right as Palou pitted and his two teammates took the lead. Phew. Maybe good things are inbound then.
RoGro got undercut big time, but has more fuel to burn and alternates to push until they fall apart. He’s always interesting to watch in push mode.
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