2024 ARCA Menards Series

Dang! I hardly watch Arca, but this is worse than Kyle beating up on the truck guys. These Arca regulars don’t stand a chance against the guys from the top three series.
Connor Mosak wins in his family team truck. He will be in the Truck race driving for Spire tonight.

Jr has him signed up for some races this year also.
That’s bull****. Crews was ahead at the line, and he was playing games.

I wish stock car racing would just do Delaware starts already since everyone thinks being the leader should have that kind of restart advantage.
Mosack was faster then Crews and he knew it. I do not understand officials that don't see the gamesmanship, and as close as that was to the line called a penalty.
Yeah Mosack put the 44 in his place the next corner lol. For a bunch of 16, 17 year olds it was a pretty good race taking the officials out of it.
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