2024 Daytona 500 Countdown

Damn! But I love the pictures posted by StandOnit and others of cars that raced in the fifties and sixties. During a time when factory cars were used and a small sponsor, like the one signed on the #7 sponsored by Reed's Garage.
That was a time when a friend of mine that raced modified at Orange County Victory Speedway in Middletown, NY, bought a 1956 Ford and prepared it to race all on his own dime. He never did race with NASCAR but did race a couple of races with USAC when Les Snow was driving.
Today, everything is big money and the little guy doesn't have much of a chance, the smaller local tracks are rapidly going by the wayside and the cost to enter one of the local street stocks is more than a lot of people could afford. Of course, there are always the ones who spend every penny on their race car and neglrect other things but that all boils down to what is important to that person.

Weighing the racing of yesterday versus today, it's sad the little guy can't compete but looking at it from another angle, the safety requirements have saved many lives. It is a catch 22 situation but I still liked the old way. YOMV.
I do it because I enjoy the heck out of it and I learn a lot. My last post first photo shows midgets racing at the Cleveland Indians baseball field and a purpose built track they built there. The third photo shows the pits being a circus tent. Got to start somewhere. The next shows modifieds racing the Daytona road course lol. Who'd a thunk that.
It's hard this year to not post a picture of Kulwicki...but I'll stick with my Blaney theme.

Lou Blaney

Big Dave in some awesome rides.



and just for kicks let's throw in Ryan's brother-in-law Cale Conley (Emma Blaney)
So the weather forecast is looking pretty grim in Daytona for this weekend. Still setting Sunday aside to watch it but I’m doubtful.
My mis-spent youth 😎

I am sure it wasn't mis-spent, when the racing is in your blood you just about have to give it a shot or live a life of regret never knowing

Stepping in to arena, skin in the game, chasing the dream, much respect. It beats the hell out of the Monday morning quarterbacks that have never risked leaving the grandstands.


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Ross 10.jpg

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Ross 4.jpg
Ross 1.jpg

I helped Pit this truck at Homestead and Nashville back when the average guy could run the truck series. Black Tip Racing out of Naples Fla was the truck owner and ran a limited schedule. Frank Kimmel drove it at Homestead and Morgan Shepard drove it at Nashville. The Main sponsor was my Equipment Dealer, Sprayer Parts Depot, out of Miami, Fla. It was a fun time for sure.

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