2024 Hours Of LeMans

It turned out to be a dud at the end, but we knew that would probably happen anyway. At least we had a bit of drama once again the P2 cars were the stars of the show. This wasn't a horrible Lemans, but we have seen far better. You just don't get much excitement when you know who is going to win before the cars ever turn a wheel.

The TV package was much improved over regular WEC coverage in a couple of ways. First, outside of McNish, the regular commentators are squids. The ones we had for this race were more entertaining and informative. Second, they heavily covered the P2 class, almost to the point they ignored the Hypersleds. Lastly, they didn't spend all night showing footage of sleeping crewmembers or pit stops of cars that are out of contention. They stay on the track much more than the last few year and that made a better telecast.

I ran the tape back a few times to sure I heard what I thought I did, but on the cool down lap on of the commentators said something roughly like "Next yar is going to be special and we will all be dead before that comes around again." I even turned on the closed caption to be sure, and he did say "we will all be dead." Like, say what?

I did enjoy it but I came away with the same feeling I get after every WEC race, and that's "When's the next IMSA race?"
Not following LeMans til they can get 10+ cars in the premier class again. But I do follow the thread to keep up-to-date.

No one caught the thread title the entire 24 hours....wanted to see if anyone would notice 🤣
Wait ...... what?

This wound up losing the 7 the race. They were leading, got passed by and lost a lap to the sister 8 car. Came back to finish 2nd by two minutes. Faster car, but the 8 ran a flawless race.

Jota dominated LMP2, led pretty much the whole thing. Good for them after just barely losing at the line last year in that stunning finish.

GTE Pro was probably the most competitive, but it would’ve been better if the last Corvette didn’t get rammed off the track on the straightest piece of road there is. Lots of drama here, especially when the leading Porsche locked up the tires and then had a massive tire explosion overnight.

Overall, definitely a vibe of getting it over with and looking to next year. No more mostly free wins for Toyota, the big boys are back next time.
It's bad when I'm looking forward to MFing 6 Hours of Monza and not LeMans.

Next year will be interesting with the NextGen car and more LMH and LMDh competition.
It's bad when I'm looking forward to MFing 6 Hours of Monza and not LeMans.
Lemans wasn't bad, but it took the P2 cars to rescue from what was otherwise a boring Toyotafest. I think most of us are ready to see the Peugeot run.

I'm ready to see the LMDh cars run too. I'm ready for IMSA teams to go to LeMans with their cars and fight for the win.
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