2nd time in a row 5 car spins but.........



he finished in the top 15 again on the lead lap...........nerve racking for me........i wish he would of stayed out like the 29 and 24, i think he had enough to finish in the top three.........congrats to Kevin, but the consistency of the 5 car is an awesome feeling. i know for some drivers, this would be a bad day, but consistency leads to wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO 5 CAR:calpping: :calpping: :calpping: :calpping:
I liked the paint scheme today as well as the run. Terry is FAR from washed up!
i did not see his paint scheme........i was driving home from West Palm Beach and listened to the race.......i saw the last 5 laps at home but did not see the car..........good run for gordon, good gamble
Here you go, Fan... (from Jayski's)

thanks fergy.........must of been hot in a black car in the summer.lol
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Here you go, Fan...   (from Jayski's)


Reminds me of the Dale Jr. Busch series cars from this year. Once someone has an idea someone else copies it. Just like the Rusty Wallace Harley Davidson paint scheme. Looks very familiar to me.
I really liked the #5 paint scheme, especially on the black background. It was similar to Junior's, but who cares?

Here's his Daytona Busch scheme:
FANOF5, I was so happy to see Terry have a good finish.

I like the milk along the bottom. I bet Sam Bass did Terry's, and I know he did DaleJr's, so it's no wonder they look similar. Doesn't bother me in the least --- it's a neat idea.
Junior ran this at Charlotte this year for Richard Childress. Again, very similar, but then, the splashed in milk look is a very cool one!
Thanks guys for the pics, watched the race, but with such crappy reception I couldn't make out the details, so this helped.
Thanks, TRL. My connection is so slow today, for some reason, that by the time I get around to fixing my mistake, someone's already responded to it. The pictures on Jayski's just confused me into thinking there were three #3 milky cars, but there were only two.
any veriation from our favorite driver's paint scheme is always fun, no matter what it resembles or looks like.
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