505hp Honda



Drag racers Kent Stotz and Barry Henson set another record: 505 horsepower

Daytona Beach, FL - The SuperFlow AMI Brute Horsepower Shootout record was smashed yesterday when Kent Stotz's Honda Rider's Club of America/VelocityRacing.com -backed CBR1100XX became the first motorcycle ever to break the 500 horsepower mark. Turning 12,500 rpm on a SuperFlow SF-250 Pro EC motorcycle dynamometer, the Stotz Street Xtreme Honda recorded an all-time-high run of 505 uncorrected rear-wheel horsepower. Due to the atmospheric conditions during the test, the corrected power number translated to 497.2 horsepower. Previous AMI Shootout record-setting runs have been achieved with the help of turbo-charged engines running nitrous oxide, but Stotz's CBR hit the 505 hp mark using only a Velocity Racing Turbo System with a Garrett Turbo prepared by Velocity Racing's Barry Henson.

Amazingly, Stotz's CBR is a street legal machine. To be eligible for the Streetbike Shootout class in the AMA Prostar drag race series, the AMA requires that all bikes must meet street legal specifications. Stotz is the reigning AMA Prostar Streetbike Shootout champion. Engine modifications to Stotz's 2003 CBR1100XX include Falicon Connecting Rods, J. E. Pistons, Star Pro Port Heads. The championship-winning Stotz Street Xtreme Honda, which will be ridden by Henson in the 2003 AMA Prostar series, also utilizes many stock Honda components including crank, valves, head gasket and studs.
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