59th Rolex 24 at Daytona

It can't be worse than Spectrum.

1. DVR---attempted to delete programs as far back as May of 2020. Says it's done. Nope. 59% full and scrolling up.
2. Frequently at boot-up, TV can't see the cable box. Have to cycle the box on 3 times to get a connection. Black screen (usually twice), snowman shoveling snow in a snowstorm, then TV says "No connection (is it on)?" Whe it finally connects the DVR makes sounds like it lacks oil pressure. Lots of grinding and popping of hardrive.
3. Current start-up channel is CNN. At least 4 times a week, has message that "your TV supports a higher resolution, do you want to update"? Say yes every time. At the point I'm at HHHHHHHDDDDDDDDDRRRRRRR 99.09.
4. Frequently loses channels. Just has an error code and guide gets shrunk by half. Normally unplug everything for a minute and it's back up.
5. Channels pixilating and no/poor sound. Absolutely no better "connection" than OTA antenna.

I suspect many of the issues ARE the DVR/Box. But if I have to drive 15 miles to get to an office you can get inside in less than 2 hours I'm turning all their stuff in. I suppose I could try to get them to send me a replacement? I originally did the self install. It's one coax, one HDMI and power connection. Meh. Will see Monday.
Thankfully my cable system is pretty reliable, certainly nothing like the issues you describe, AT&T.
Pag is really outbraking Alb and is getting beat on the exit. He’s also arcing the turns more.
#31 getting back ontrack

It always make me a little sick to see Richard celebrate so much after his driver sent Aric into the turn 3 wall nose first at 185 mph. You think he’d be pretty sensitive to that imagery.
That Ferrari vs Mercedes AMG is one terriffic battle
Dixon has been riding the kerbs hard, maybe a bolt was loose and he hit it or something.

Another sign for these guys to avoid the kerbs more often than not.
Mazda back on the lead lap with a chance now.

#57 and #75 pitted about 20 minutes ago under green and are off sequence with the other GTD lead lap cars.
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