A Drunk Walks in a Bar .........

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    and orders a drink. The bartender serves him and asks, "would you like to try a game of darts? Three in the bullseye and win a prize. Only three darts for a dollar."

    The drunk agrees, pays the dollar and stagers over to the dart board where he throws the first dart and hits a bullseye! He takes drink, throws another dart, another bullseye. Standing on wobbly feet, he downs two more drinks, barely able to stand, the drunk throws a third bullseye!!

    Everybody in the bar is amazed as no one has ever won before. The bartender, searches for a prize, grabs a turtle from the bar terrarium and hands it to the drunk.

    Several weeks pass and the same drunk comes in again. orders several drinks and says he wants to play the game again. And to the amazement of everyone, throws three bullseyes, turns to the bartender and demands his prize.

    The bartender, being a bit if a drunk himself, and a little short of memory, does't know what to give so he asks the guy, "what did you win the last time?"

    And the drunk replied, "A roast beef sandwich on a hard roll."
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