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Who has had the worst luck in the 2002 Nascar season?

A. Ricky Rudd
B. Jason Leffler
C. Kevin Harvick
D. Ward Burton
E. Kerry Earnhardt
Ward. The guy can't buy luck this season or last season either!! He's a damned good driver, has the experience just seems to get caught up in someone else's mess or something breaks on his car.
Id say WARD from the list But ken Schrader has had worse i believe.
Burton's had a pretty rough season, but I'm going to have to say Rudd's had the toughest luck, not only trying to finally getting that win, but trying to figure out what's going on with his career next year. I doubt Ward is having as much problems trying to figure out where he'll be next year.
Gotta agree with awesome Bill here. From the list, Ward. But overall Kenny!
Ward Burton he had one strand of good luck and that was it.
Last try. Paul has made this super easy but I still have problems with it.
gmcbreadtrk ,
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Kenny Schrader has had the worst luck but from the list I would say Ward Burton and Jason Leffler, Leffler has had poles and ran good in races and been in the lead but seems to always get caught up in something near the end of the races and gets taken out.
Ward. I think I jinxed him, cuz I started pulling for him this year. Until then I pulled for Mark Martin, and his year sucked last year. Maybe I could switch to Junior....
Definitely Kenny Shrader.

Did anyone else watch the '95 season-ending Cup race in Atlanta on ESPNClassics last night? Shrader was running well, then wrecked, and they said the very same thing they've been saying about him all this year: Ken Shrader is having the worst kind of luck this season. Man oh man, do I feel bad for him. He's such a cool guy, too.
That race was great, btw. Jeff Gordon won his very 1st championship, and Dale Earnhardt won the race, valiantly doing his part to steal it away from Jeff. At the end, he said his team had a "pretty good" year. Pretty good year?!! That's why I loved that man. 2nd place was only pretty good, in his world.
Depends on how you measure the affect of bad luck.

Rudd was in line for a win 3 times when he got bit.

Ward hasn't run up front much at all.

Schrader has had absolutely the worst luck mired in mid-pack.

My pick for the worst luck overall would go to Mike Helton's Slim-Fast salesman!:D
From the list I'd have to say Kerry until last night. He finished 12th. All he's wanted to do is finish a race. After that, I'd say Ricky Rudd. Now, not on the list, I think Bobby Labonte. Doesn't seem he can do anything that pays off, seems to get caught up often in someone else's mess.
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