A vey bad year for the Snap-on team.

Nitro Dude

Hauler Driver and Cylinder Head Maintenance
Feb 14, 2011
Orange Ca
What a bad year for Cruz Pedregon and his Snap-on funny car team. Between the financial hit from the pandemic and having a fire in their shop a few months ago that destroyed a lot of parts and made a huge mess when the sprinklers went off, and then having the loss of their co- crew chief 2 weeks ago when a girl hit and killed him as he was walking back to the hotel from eating dinner, to arriving in Las Vegas this week and having someone run a red light and hit and total out their crew support vehicle that hauls part of the crew from race to race and tows the car to the starting line, and then finding out that 3 of the crew guys tested positive for the virus and now the whole crew is in quarantine.
That just sucks! I knew about a couple of those things but it just keeps going bad for that team doesn't it. Nobody deserves all that.
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