Aero push, the reason to change aero



How aero push made passing the leader so difficult last year in the four-race stretch the series begins with today's race at Chicagoland Speedway:

Site: Chicago

Lead changes: 14

Lead passes on track: 4

Driver speak: "That was the key, getting track position because the cars would get an aero push," Dale Jarrett, who finished fourth to Kevin Harvick.

Site: New Hampshire

Lead changes: 10

Lead passes on track: 3

Driver speak: "It just really depended on who got out front," Jeff Gordon, who finished second to Dale Jarrett.

Site: Pocono

Lead changes: 20

Lead changes on green: 9

Driver speak: "When you get back there mired in the back, your car's not quite as efficient aero-wise," winner Bobby Labonte.

Site: Indianapolis

Lead changes: 18

Lead changes on green: 5

Driver speak: "I can't imagine the aero push being any worse than it was today," winner Jeff Gordon.
there has to be a way to stop this from happening with simple nondrastic rules changes. i realize nascar wants eveyone to be bunched up in a huge pack. but this is not safe or exciting
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