Al Unser Jr. has had this problem for years

Robin Miller is a low life bastard anyway.

No one listens to his stupid ass.
Originally posted by paul
Robin Miller is a low life bastard anyway.

No one listens to his stupid ass.

NO Paul, you are wrong.

This is a sad story of a downward spiral.

Been there, done that, still drink but don't drive even after 1 beer and NO more smoke.

Live and learn or go to jail or rehab.
:mad: I like how he said he was going to write a story and take it to Al Jr. and threaten him with it if he didn't get help. He couldn't have done that now? I guess the story was too good. I think his racing career will be over after this. Now that they aired out all of his dirty laundry, what incentive does he have to get help? They can no longer blackmail him.
I've never had a DUI. I used to drink and drive a lot several years ago until a good frind of mine's son was killed by a drunk driver. That was the wake up call I needed.
Yes kat,I got one March 14 my birthday this year.It was my first offense in 26 yrs of driving,I got stoped for speeding,and well you know the rest of the story,Ohio is tough.I had a good lawyer,I got speeding,and dui 1 droped,I have to go to 3 days class,and they may drop dui 2 charge.I hope so.This was my first offense of any kind.and I think that helped.The statecop was a real %#*%.He ask me to take the walking test,and I told him I couldn't because of my hip problem,so he said then I am putting down refuse to take the test,I said do what you have to do,and he said oh I will boy.At this time I just shut my mouth,and went to jail.He was pissed when the judge droped my first two counts.He stormed out of the court room,and the judge made him come back.I wanted to smile,but didn't dare.He has been setting across from my office 2 to 3 times a week since then.My attorney pulled the tape in as evidence,and it showed nothing consistant with his report.He said I was staggering,but I wasn't,He said I told him I was buzzed,when I really said,I am busted,do what you gotta do.Bottom line I don't drink,and drive anywhere.I know he was only doing his job,but he had a major chip on his shoulder.Total Cost 1000.00 for attorney,250.00 for the class.
Been there, done that and ain't proud of it.
As far as al jr. goes none of us know exactly where he is at and shouldn't speculate. If he has a problem and deals with it in light of the public or privatley I say more power to him.
I should have one by now. Thankfully, now that I'm Chicago, I cab everywhere I go when I'm out drinking.
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