Alexa, Order More Watermelon

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by BobbyFord, Dec 17, 2018.

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    My aunt has had an African Grey for about 30 years. He's smart as a whip. When I'm on the phone with her, I can hear
    him chatting away in the background.
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    Capt. Bill is a African gray that ironically belonged to a fishing boat owner, Bill Smith. When he passed away his wife kept Capt Bill. She fell, broke her hip, surgery and rehab. Her son took Capt to his house. Bucky can't say 3 words without a f bomb being one of them. Seriously
    MrS Smith is a wonderful woman, and a church goer. She didn't appreciate the new phrases Bucky taught him
    ''some a**holes at the door''
    ''Christ I need a effin beer''
    ''I don't need this effin shiit''
    ''answer the effin phone''
    She went off the deep end when Bucky brought him back.
    He now lives with Bucky and his vocabulary is endless.
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    I worked for a lady that had one. The bird kept saying "Here Roy" or just "Roy". I asked her who Roy was. She said it was her X husband. Next time I was over there the bird was gone.
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