All-star Game ends in draw


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Sep 16, 2001
Boston, MA
Man, how about that game huh?

Personally, I think the MLB is a joke. $175 dollars a ticket and they call the game because they don't want to "wear out" the reliever's arms.

Uhm, isn't that what pitchers get paid to do?

I hope they go on strike and the MLB disappears.
Man, I knew that would be a waste of time to watch. What a ripoff for the fans. How about the fact that no MVP was named, and during the first year that it was named for Ted Williams? Really classy.

I was a HUGE baseball fan in my youth, but gave it up years ago, save for the occasional playoff game. The last strike just solidified that decision. The new strike might just wipe MLB off the map.

What a shame. :grrrr:
Players and owners greed ruined baseball for me years ago. Now you throw in the steroid controversy and I just have very little desire to watch it.
I used to be a huge baseball fan, but now I just don't care anymore even tho my Braves are leading in their division:snore:
Though I have been an Atlanta Braves since the 60's, it doesn't really matter to me who wins the All-Star game. Maybe that is why the game ending as a tie didn't bother me much.

The fans were treated to an outstanding game, with exellent play both at the plate and in the field, had a great time watching it on the tube myself.

It might be fitting that no one wins the Ted Williams award in its inaugural year. While still being a baseball fan today, there are few who measure up to standards of the Splendid Splinter.:)
They should have there All Star game at the end like Football.I don't think you are an allstar till the year is over.:)
Yeah, pbunch, good point. Plus with the Pro bowl, I look forward to it like it's a bonus game after the season. I don't really look forward to any other all-star games.
You dang sure wouldn't have to worry about hurting one of the over paid rawhide players.:p
Being an avid baseball fan I can completely understand why they didn't finish the All-Star game. It's not fair to the team who's pitcher gets worn out throwing inning after inning of a game that means nothing in the overall picture just because the manager used up all the pitchers but that one. It's not healthy for the pitchers to do such a thing. Especially if you have a closer in there that is used to throwing one maybe two inning a game having to go four or five innings. It will kill his production in the upcoming weeks of playing. I have no problem with the All-Star game ending in a tie. It means nothing and just supposed to be an exhibition for the fans. The fans got the amount of baseball that they were promised so there should be no complaints about the whole deal.

Now all they have to do is figure out how to settle the revenue sharing problem so we can have a post-season.:rolleyes:
Anyone know the deadline for the strike anyway? We're closing the office next Tuesday and taking the staff to an O's game, so it'd be a shame if they weren't playing.
B.C. with all due respect to you as a a fan,which I am not as much as I use to be,That is why they are allstars,thats why I say have it at the end of the year.How can you be an allstar if the season is not over yet.It didn't bother my one bit that it tied though.I enjoyed the celeberty game,and home run derby better.:)
Were the pitchers playing in the game the only ones playing in baseball? I bet the teams that sent one or two to the All-Flop Game has another one someplace.

Oh yeah, that's right....they are all on the disabled list.:rolleyes:
What are you trying to say fergy? I couldn't make any sense out of it.

And if your team has a pitcher in the all-star game then it is most likely you BEST pitcher on the team. Now why would you want your ace starter or reliever to get worn out in a game that means nothing? You wouldn't. Nobody would. It doesn't make sense to do so and they didn't. It's about the first thing that I appluad MLB for doing in a long time. They made the right decision.

As for the strike, it'll be another month or so before it really kicks into gear. I figure that they won't set a strike date for another two or three weeks and then after that it will be on. I just hope that they can figure it out. Cause if they go on strike again I'm gonna be pissed!:mad:
B.C. Now if they just let Pete Rose in the Hall Of Fame,That would make two things they have done right in a while.:)
I heard that pbunch. I wish that they would just go ahead and put him in. Everybody knows he deserves it.

I don't think that MLB could do two things right in a row. That's just not their style.:rolleyes:
Someone has a hard one for Pete,It must be using Viagra,Cause it won't go away.:rolleyes:
B.C., I was using some sarcasm in my post....I was saying that the pitchers used in the game aren't the only one's in baseball. Smoltz played, but he isn't the only pitcher in Atlanta. They have several other pitchers that were not picked to play in the game, so they can pitch. Like someone else said, have the game at the end of the season like pro-football.

I just can't get over that these people whine and complain about any and everthing. Especially when they make the money they do.

And pbunch, you are exactly right about Pete. Its a travesty that he's not in the Hall.
The last stike almost did end up being the end of baseball if it wasn't for Sammy and Mark going for and getting the homerun record it what be hurting big time, if they stike again and it last as long as the last one (8 months with no World Series) it will be the end of baseball, I know I will never watch again. As for a deadline date, they have not made one yet that I know.
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