Guest AMA, I would like to see the Bostrom brothers take a one, two finish, but I fear Eric's Ducati will not be able to hang with the inline 4's (similar to the Kawasaki 750/800 curse of the last few years), but it won't be from a lack of effort, Eboz puts in 111%. In pre season testing, the Yamaha superstock machines have been faster than the superbikes...So I look for a strong Yamaha showing. I really don't want Mladin to win again, ultimately, I would like to see the Honda of Bboz or Duhamel on top of the box.

Any early predictions on AMA superbike? Any idea why Kawasaki is not racing the seemingly fast ZX-10RR in superbike? I bet Tommy Hayden would do wonders on it, he has a great style and is fun to watch.

I will answer your statments in here. Eaiser.

I think with factory support and Eboss if ducati can't do it with this then they have real problems. I know its a lot heavier than what he is used to but it is smooth like his style. I am going to say he will win most of the races where tires go off, like pikes peak. While I am at it, I will say he will win the 200 here, yep, remember Gobert led a deal of laps before breaking it last year.

Yeah I am not a big Maldin fan, some of his comments I don't care for, but one thing is you can't argure that he is an awsome rider. I would like to see Eric win or Yates. I think ROberts would have been the biggest threat this year but he has better plans.

I don't know exactly why Kawi and also yamaha don't put forth stronger superbike efforts. I would assume pockets are deep enough, but mabey plans are in the works. It would certainly give is a better picture of it all. Would love to see it.


Originally posted by NateDogg@Feb 26 2004, 11:55 AM

I am going to say he will win most of the races where tires go off, like pikes peak.
OK, so far it isn't most but, I sure got the pikes peak thing right. Sure glad to things getting closer in ama.
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