Hello everyone...

Does anyone on Racing Forums participate in AI or AIX? I lived in Japan for six years and did some club-level racing over there. Since returning home, I have been looking at SCCA or AI as a grass roots level program to get into. The last couple years were too hectic, but I now have a good base to start a build from and would like some feedback about the programs.

On a separate note, I have 25 sets of slicks for a Porsche if anyone is interested. I don't want to say too much though... as that is not why I joined the forum and would hate to be asked to leave on my second post.
Wow... I'm a little surprised there is no one from the AI or AIX community on the forum. It seems like the perfect field for a resurgence of original Trans-Am series, now that all three competitors are back in production. I look forward to seeing the latest Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang battle it out on the twisties... rather than just a rigged Motor Trend article and the occasional grudge match at the drag strip.

I recently bought a little fox-body Mustang. It will be a road-racer, but I have to decide on a series to run in first. AIX looks the most inviting... build it, bring it, best of luck... I could really use some feedback on it from someone other than the PR people. Ayone have any ideas?
I think most people on here are just fans of stuff like NASCAR and IndyCar. Not too many that are actually involved with motorsports.
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