and a diesel wins the 12 hrs @ sebring!


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Oct 18, 2005
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Very neat to see a diesel win a 12 hour race. Enge and Papis had a good dog fight going in the GT1 class for the last 5 or so laps. Penske's 2 teams didn't fair the greatest. Overheating was the main concern in many camps. The winning TDI had the LMP1 pole but a mechanical cuased them to start nearly last. The other TDI, which held it's outside LMP1 pole, had to be tarped about half way through from overheating.
That car was sooo quiet, it almost didn't sound like a race car! Good racing!
i know, when's that technology going to be publically avaliable! 850 ft lbs of torque with no noise, no smoke, no...anything (except power)!

i couldn't believe how quiet it was, even though the mic was right next to the exhaust has he launched from the pit stop

and i'm still trying to figure out how those pit stops work...very wierd..i understand the no work while fuelling rule, but the way the tires are changed is wierd, jumping between both tires on the same side. Imagine if NASCAR had unilug axles and air jacks and that fuelling system..we'd have 8 second pit stops!
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