Answer and Ask



Simple rules, simple game if anyone's interested.

I'll ask a question and someone will answer it.

Whoever answers should follow up with a question of their own in the same post and we go from there.

Coke or Pepsi?

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Community College classes, then again is that really an answer ?

Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Dodge or Toyota ?
Prefer chevy, drive a ford, had a pontiac along time ago, never a dodge(like their truck, tho) and not allowed to own a toyota (mechanic husband - no "foreign" cars allowed cause he can't do the repairs). I hope that is an answer.

And you? chevy, ford, dodge, toyota?
I do have a Toyota Corolla but at the same time I have a Chevy Trailblazer. With Toyota coming into NASCAR, I think it could be good for foreign markets to continue meeting with ours but at the same time, we want NASCAR to be that all American sport.

Kurt Busch or Kyle Busch ?
Kevin ! Oh geez even as a guy I think he's ..... Ok, we'll leave that part out (just kidding)

Hillary Clintons book or Harry Potter ? Both books about men who cannot control their wands.
mmmmm?Good one....Ok,Hillary's book.The lack of wand control in THAT case is definitely more interesting!

How about Stephen King or Stephen Hawking?
Stephen Hawking. Even though he's in a wheelchair he could still kick my ass.

Tim Robbins or Kevin Costner ? In a fistfight.
Other stuff...even though I like Country, I like a lot of other stuff as well...

mmm?If you would have said Stock car racing instead of Nascar it would be easier.I will say Nascar even though I am no fan of the sanctioning body.

Star trek or Star wars?
Hamburger...even though I like hot dogs as well

Ketchup or Mustard?

Who would win in a fistfight: Tim Robbins or Kevin Costner ?
morning 97, I didn't know you were there at the time.


cars or trucks
Just had this argument with my brother:FUEL INJECTION should have been the standard for years.

Paper airplanes or frisbees?
hehehehe I love to see you cuss.

Automatic (2wd)

stock manifold or headers?
Headers on the old pony cars.I have two 67 Cougars with edelbrock headers.

Ford 9inch rear end or other??

(I got you now!)
other (12 bolt chevy)

hehehehe cuss for me B)

mustang or camaro(real muscle car)?

Actually I like the 'alternative cars' like the Cougars and Firebirds best.Of those two,the Mustang,though the only good chevy I ever owned was a '70 Camaro.

T-tops or sunroof?
Whatever because I dont know

In a wrestling match who would win: Michael Waltrip or Jimmy Spencer ?
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