Any Soccer fans in here?

That was definitely a fun watch today.
That Mbappe for France is kinda good.
Happy for the Messi fellow.
Time for a fiery but hopefully mostly peaceful local derby
Half-time and the BVB needs to score three goals if Bayern stays ahead in Cologne (which they will).
Dortmund has brought in Marco Reus before the break because Adeyemi was injured. Your time to shine is now or never, captain.
I thought the way Arsenal played down the stretch in the PL was rough but that is a brutal way to lose a title. Reminds me a bit of City and United in 2012, but even worse.
I'm pretty much lost for words right now. Munich doesn't lose the championship this year, they won't lose another in my lifetime.

Bayern provided so many opportunities to Dortmund this year, and they just refused to win.
The MLS tv deal with Apple TV is pretty meh. Should have signed other networks like ESPN+ & CBSSN or TNT/TBS.

I find the USL to be the better league sometimes.

The US Open Cup & Leagues Cup are the only true good quality soccer for the MLS teams.
It appears it’s once again that time of year the PL contenders find a way to gift the title to City, however.
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