Anyone collect 1/24 scale cars?

Discussion in 'Diecasts & Collectables' started by nscrnut329, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. nscrnut329

    nscrnut329 Guest

    If so i have a bunch up for sale. email me if you want a list. Mostly Dale Earnhardt stuff (no outrageous price gouging here either) but anyways what's up people? I saw these forums and had to register. :beerbang:
  2. dsdjtlts

    dsdjtlts Guest

    Hi and welcome. Think I have enough of them thanks.
  3. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member


    i have 15, most are action, 2 revell, and 2 ADC.

    ADC is a lot better then action, IMO i have 2 of there dirt cars, and one action dirt car. The action one is just plane, the hood does not even come off. but the adc the hood does, the trunk does, shocks work, stearing wheel works.....its like a real mini racecar.
  4. bowtie

    bowtie Guest

    Moving this to the diecast forum, will someone grab the door please.
  5. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    got it bow, just a few hours late! lol
  6. Trey48

    Trey48 Guest

    If anyone has some Jimmie Johnson cars they would like to sell, that would be nice. I just started collecting Jimmie stufff recently. [email protected] if you do...

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