ARCA at Daytona 2021


Lane Train
Jul 2, 2017
34 cars starting, more than I expected with car counts falling like they have been. Hopefully it’s a good one.
Got a bunch I'm pulling for, Trotter, Jankowiak, and because he showed up out of my childhood all of a sudden Rich Bickle
I didn’t realize Bickle was gonna be in it. First time in a NASCAR sanctioned event in 15 years, first ARCA race in 25 years.
Would be cool to see Chastain do something at almost 80 years old, but I doubt it considering he qualified 29 MPH off the pole.
Sometimes when you assemble something, the instructions say to hand-tighten everything first, then torque it all down when you're finished. That #21 looks like they forgot the second part.
I turned on FS1 hoping for a college basketball game and I see the ARCA race! A pleasant surprise! Should be another wild one!
What they are racing:

What they think they are racing:

Well that was unfortunate
Well, she's learning however hitting the rear bumper in the middle of the corner is a bit of a no-no.

Racing incident on a plate track with young drivers, it happens a lot.

Just a tad aggressive but hard for a short tracker not to be when they can see the lead.
There's really no rules when it comes to Daytona. She held her ground, got in the back of someone and whatever happened, happened. At the end of the day her car is still clean and a lot of competition was eliminated. Advantage Gracie...
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