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    Round 1 just happened at Silverstone in the UK. 10 cars. Arpin and Block will join in from round 2 with their Fords. Tape delayed coverage on CBS Sports on wednesday at 10pm, free live coverage on Facebook.
    Round 2 is in July at Circuit of the Americas
    Round 3 at Trois Rivieres in August
    Round 4 back at COTA for the 2018 finale

    The format is quite different from GRC. 4 Qualifying rounds, every car participates in all 4 rounds, each qualifying heat starts up to 5 cars. They are technically racing against the clock, not the other cars, so even if they have a big lead in their race, they still need to push hard and try to get quick laps.
    Top 12 go to the 2 semi finals, top 3 from each semi final makes it into the final.

    Silverstone Q1

    Silverstone Q2

    Silverstone Q3

    Silverstone Q4

    Silverstone Semi finals and final
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