ASA Southern Modified Tour cancels remainder of 2009 season

The guy that started this series didn't listen to the people who knew what they were talking about. Randy Myers and a couple of other guys bought a dirt track at Elkin, NC and spent all kinds of money paving it. Nice track it was, but Randy and Co. didn't want to mess with NASCAR so they sanctioned the track with the ASA. They held their races on Friday night so there wasn't any competition with Bowman Gray Stadium. They then wanted to get the mods to run at the track and since NASCAR had recently began sanctioning what had been the SMART (Southern Modified Auto Racing Tour) series, Randy couldn't get any of those tour races at his track because it was an ASA track. So Randy came up with the idea of starting his own tour and the guys, still racing on Friday night could then come to his track and race. The first couple of years the tour did fair but the payout was getting harder and harder to collect. Last year more than half the tour was canceled for various reasons but Randy insisted that he would carry on. Then he tried to compete with BGS and that pretty much did him in. Also, tracks were canceling his series because the car count kept getting lower and lower. But remember, all of the cars that ran his races run the NWSMT. And the car count for that series keeps getting lower and lower too, but there hasn't been any races canceled in that series. Good idea Randy, just didn't listen to the advice given to you.
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