ASCOC 2022

I missed the sh!tshow with the early portions of the program. Hard to figure out how tracks miss it that badly. The feature itself was pretty good, after the delay for track prep.

Dietrich has been really strong this week. Marks too. First race all week that Peck hasn't been running up front.

The race was over just in time to get ready for the Outlaws' main event.
A lot of back and forth in that one. Great night for 410 racing, the WoO / ASCoC / USAC trifecta has provided three strong races.
They're running the heats now. Track is still really heavy and locked down, needs to widen out for a good feature.
Larson gets his revenge on Marks. Good duel, and great battles between Peck, Schuerenberg, Windom, and Rico. Windom is running a lot better now after his struggles, I wasn't sure he was cut out for this winged stuff.
Hunter Schuerenberg was running away with the race, but lost a tire with two to go. Windom inherits the lead, but is passed by Parker Price Miller and Cap Henry on the restart.

Both Courtney and Peck had issues, but Courtney came out better and gains points.
Courtney wins for the second night in a row at Lake Ozark, over Cap Henry, Parker Price Miller, Buddy Kofoid, and Rico Abreu.
If Macri ran the ASCOC I think he could compete. He gets better each year.
Incredible finish at Knoxville. Rico Abreu mounts a huge charge to the lead by passing Kerry Madsen and Tyler Courtney on one lap, then holds on narrowly over Madsen to win.

Having Ricky Warner as crew chief is paying off for Rico. He looks the best he has in years.
Tremendous racing.

I was disappointed not to see Rico’s dog. 😇

Absolutely love it when they zoom in on the driver and it shows how hard they are working that wheel. I know the side panels are great for safety, I just miss being able to see this from the stands.
Rico is picking up his game.
The A-Main from Outlaw (confusing right?) Speedway in NY is rolling now, series leaders Courtney and Peck starting side by side on the front row.
Good hard racing through the dust that made the place look like the Sahara. Another Posse win as Brent Marks takes it over Danny Dietrich. Cory Eliason finishes third in the #11 subbing for PPM. Eliason has run better in every car he's jumped in since getting fired from the Rudeen #26. Courtney fourth.
Magnificent racing at Utica-Rome between Peck, Marks and Courtney through lapped traffic. That is how the running order has shaken out for now. A car went off the track and got stuck in the trees, extended red.
Peck wins, Sunshine gets Marks for second. Windom finishes fourth and Eliason fifth. The track got rain this afternoon, and that helped the surface.
Peck wins again tonight at Bloomsbury. Sunshine second.

Only 19 cars on a very rough racetrack that took 2 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.
As I was saying earlier - the track was a little rough ...

Peck wins again tonight at Bloomsbury. Sunshine second.

Only 19 cars on a very rough racetrack that took 2 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.
Noticed that Anthony Macri was in the 11 instead of Eliason. Any reason for that?
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