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Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by toledo47, May 4, 2016.

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    Hey late model expert @AndyMarquisLive ,

    I don't know too much about late models. I know about super late models, but what is the difference between the other classes of late models. I've heard names like "Late model stock car", "Pro late models", "limited late models". What is the difference between these classes?

    Something like the old ASA Late Model series (from around 2005-2008) and the CRA Jegs All Star Tour would be considered pro late models, right? or are all of these classes pretty much the same ?
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    Pro Late Models are Super Late Models with crate engines. Super Late Models are "Straight Rail" chassis, purpose built cars. They're more aerodynamic, turn easier, faster but burn up tires as well.

    A Limited Late Model is pretty much a Late Model Stock now. Only real difference is engines and that Limited races, except for the Southeast Limiteds, run scuffs or two tire events. Late Model Stock Cars are "Perimeter" chassis. They're a little bulkier, harder to turn, slower, harder to drive. A Late Model Stock Car actually isn't too different from a CRA Street Stock, except for bodies. These cars are run almost exclusively in the Carolinas and Virginia. The ACT Tour runs Perimeter chassis cars as well.

    ARCA/CRA Super Series, Southern Super Series, Pro All Stars Series and CARS Super Late Model Tour are Super Late Models. The old ASA series falls under this as well. Jegs All-Star Tour is Pro Late Models.

    CARS Late Model Stock Tour is the only LMSC touring division. Though, like I said, ACT runs Perimeter chassis on their cars. There are a couple Limited Late Model tours... Southeast Limiteds, but these aren't true Limiteds, David Sell's new 602 touring series which only allows GM 602 crate motors and the Mid Atlantic Limited series Darren and Renee Hackett of Caraway Speedway formed.
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    Thanks for the explanation @AndyMarquisLive

    @*WEAVER* , I'd love to make it back to I-44 Speedway someday, thats a real nice track. It's a shame they dropped the K&N Pro Series West. Though, with the west series, other than a few long time races that never leave the schedule, it seems like most tracks are one and done with them, or on the calendar for only a couple of years. I think its pretty tough for the tracks to make a profit with the fees NASCAR charges to bring the series in.
    At around 10 hours one way from home, Lebanon, MO is a bit far for me to be travelling for a CRA race! Would really like to make it back there someday though.

    The CRA races I have seen have never been that great, pretty much just follow the leader races with no action, but i've only seen CRA races at bigger tracks like Indianapolis and Nashville, and i've only seen the CRA Super Series, never saw a CRA Jegs All Star Tour race. Seems like the racing may be better on a 1/4 mile track like I-44 Speedway.
    Was actually going to check out the CRA Jegs All star Tour last weekend at Springport Michigan (fairly close to home) instead of travelling down to North Carolina/Virginia for some races, but then they cancelled way ahead of time (like 36 hours before the race would have started) even though the forecast looked fine and it never rained the day of the race...
    Hope you have a good time at the race at I-44!

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