Atlanta #1 Pre-Race Thread

Y'all think this race is going to be a wreck fest just like Daytona?

No I think that their patience with new Atlanta is done and they'll run a dull race just surviving. Especially after 22 combined cautions in the X and truck races. Team owners and drivers were asked to give new Atlanta a chance despite not getting to give their input in the new configuration and here we are... Talladega speeds and carnage of old Bristol.
Atlanta weather conditions.

Race - Air Temps will be in the low 40's so with a hard tire and cold track that could be trouble much like yesterday, no rubber laid down so grip will be pretty low. If the tires dont wear they wont dissipate heat so tire pressure settings will be very important on how low you can start. Should be very interesting
A beat boxed pit stop, Sleepy Brown narrating the intro...I bet they still had Hank Williams Jr's nephew do the pre-race concert tho 😐
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